About Us

Tech Philosophers has become known as one of a leading online technical support companies in USA. With an experienced team of IT technicians and experts were are here to offer you stress free IT support solutions that ensure continuity in your day to day IT operations without any hindrances.


Tech Philosophers is here to service your needs pertaining to –.

1. Virus Related Problems within your System

2. Problems Pertaining to Wireless Routers

3. Other Internet Issues such as problems with the browser

4. Software Problems such as Printers drivers, PCs and other IT infrastructure.


With a view to serve our clients more comprehensively, we introduce a range of custom service packs to suit your personal needs. With regular Windows updates & upgrade facilities, virus scans and anti-virus software, email support along with support for other IT peripherals you can be rest assured that you can continue to optimize the use of all your IT equipment at home or in your office without any worries. Register with us today and you will gain access to our 24X7 hotline services. You can also get in touch with us via chat or email for real time troubleshooting purposes. With a commitment towards quality, Tech Philosophers give you a promise of holistic IT safety and security.


By making effective use of remote access technologies, we are able to track problems within your system on a real time basis without any delay. Our technicians are able to arrive at your site with complete information on prevailing issues you are facing hereby ensuring quick response and minimal business losses due to failure of IT infrastructures within your workplace.


We are committed to ensuring utmost satisfaction among our clients. We understand how vulnerable any IT system can be to threats such as viruses that arrive from external sources such as hard drives, pen drives and the internet. Our expertise in the area of troubleshooting allows us to set up impenetrable systems that create a completely safe and secure environment for your data and business operations.